Find Your Colours, Find Your Confidence, Find Yourself 

  • An 8 Hour Program, over 2 Days

  • Day One includes Body Shape Analysis, Colour Analysis and Style Personality Analysis

  • Day Two includes shopping in the area of your choice


The right colour palette will enhance your skin complexion, your eye colour, hair colour and make you look and feel fantastic.


I will help you understand how colours can change a nice outfit into one that is amazing. Using these colours, I can help you look more confident, attractive, younger, taller and slimmer, you’ll look healthier and more self-assured. You’ll also learn how the wrong clothes can make you look heavier, older, boring and even tired when they don’t complement you and your skin complexion.


As well as their physical affects, colour can affect us emotionally. Wearing the right clothes will make you feel empowered, sexy, confident and happier. Working together, you’ll learn how to choose the right colours, knowing what will work for you – a knowledge which will make all your shopping experiences more enjoyable.


With this knowledge, shopping for clothes that enhance and complement your body shape and skin tones is a much more fun and positive experience. 


You’ll Learn:
  • The style of clothes which work best for your body shape.

  • Which colours complement your skin tone.

  • The style of clothes you are drawn to by your Style Personality and how to use them.


This time spent with me will have you feeling more confident, more secure, positive and fearless when you shop, instore or online. You’ll know which style of clothes you will rock - all day long.


Investment: £450.00

Work with me to find a brighter, more positive you.

Work with me to Revive Your Style