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Would like to create your own signature style?

Elevate your style so you can walk in confidence in every thing you wear that compliment's you & your lifestyle?

 Discover & create your style identity for your next chapter!


  • Have you forgotten to dress in your workspace and can't create an outfit that you feel amazing in?

  • Board of wearing the same clothes every where you? 

  • Do you want to try something new? but know what or where to start?

  • Are you spending too much time browsing the Internet trying to find an outfit to wear?

  • Do you buy clothes that you don't end up wearing because you don't like style or shape? or don't the items don't fit you, they way it does on the models?


You are not alone, many women love to shop but are put off by the amount of choice and not knowing what to buy that's the right style for their body shape and personality.

if you are having to create a new outfit that works together and find colours that complement each other that goes with all your existing items in your wardrobe. So it looks presentable can be tiring, not to mention the latest fashion trends to add to the mix.




My 7-week Signature Style Program is what you need, this is based on my 7 style pillars. This is in a small group setting working where you can support one another.

I will be teaching and showing how you can enhance your style by diving into the pillars of style that will give your personal brand a statement of Signature and so you can put your own stamp on your world, home and work lifestyle. 

Together we will be looking at different area of what makes your style and how best you can add, create and enhance your style that gives you and will also boost your confidence, self-assured and positive in what you wear. 

We will be focusing on the 7 Main Style Pillars - which are:

  • Shape your Silhouette -

  • Refine your Style Personality-

  • Colours of Emotion -

  • Wardrobe Capsules -

  • Wardrobe Declutter -

  • Personal Shopping -

  • Body Image -

With this program you get and added BONUS of a COLOUR ANALYSIS where we look at your skin tone and under tone to identify what your season and wow colours are, so you can wear colours that compliment your skin complexion. 

The clothes you wear speak on your behalf without your realizing, this is your personal brand that is expressing your personality, emotions and confidence that is hidden within your style. Every women wants to feel great and look amazing in everything they wear. You enhance your amazing features and create your signature style

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What you can expect from the program:


  • Weekly Accountability

  • Help with your Wardrobe Capsules Creation and Declutter

  • Access to all my Styling Knowledge

  • Styling Tips and Advice

  • Know what Works for You and Your Lifestyle

  • New Style Training Topic covered each Week

  • 7 Weekly LIVE Classes

  • A separate Colour Analysis Session

  • Having me on Hand to Help you with all your Styling, Wardrobe issues

by the end of the program you will be feeling confident to know which style of clothes you can wear for your body and personality, the colours that compliment you, know how to create a capsule outfits and how to declutter effectively, discover what you need to add to your wardrobe collection and be aware of your inner self image and how you can over come some obstacles.


Are you ready to start creating, adding and enhance your signature style?

Are you ready to walk in confidence in your clothes and knowing and owning your signature style?


Sign-up - TODAY  - and start your style journey with me.


This is an Investment of: £695.00